Why LugLoc is Better

LugLoc TSA-compliant Luggage Tracker tracks your bags better than any airline!

The wireless luggage locator is TSA compliant and works when packed into virtually any airline travel bag from luggage, to golf bags, ski bags, professional equipment, even cargo shipments.

Like other locators, it has Bluetooth to send proximity alerts when in range of bag. For example, when the bag arrives at the luggage carousel. Because it has a SIM card it connects to cell towers worldwide in every country except Japan, South Korea and Australia. It’s the best tracker your money can buy for worry-free travel.

LugLoc Others
  • Worldwide Tracking, locates with cell-tower technology availabilty virutally everywhere.
  • With Crowd GPS, a user needs to be within 60ft of the device to locate belongings, while using the app.
  • Real-time tracking. Able to track your items anytime, anywhere.
  • Only remembers last known location. No way to find it if you’re away from it, and if it changes locations.
  • 15-Day Rechargeable Battery with infinite uses. Expected lifetime of 6 years.
  • Non-Rechargeable. 1Yr Battery, after that time it stops working forever. Have to buy new one afterwards.
  • Ideal to find anything anywhere, specially useful during travel.
  • Ideal to find keys. Only useful for small objects at home or work.
  • Can be tracked anywhere with Mobile coverage. Even underground in Airports.
  • Can only be tracked in Bluetooth Range.
  • Motion Alert.
  • Motion Alert.
  • SMS notifications and E-mail notifications.
  • No SMS or e-mail notifications.
  • Location history and travel data.
  • No Location history.

Stats about lost luggage

During 2015. Source: SITA baggage report 2016


Total mishandled

  • 45% Transfer mishandling

  • 19% Failure to load

  • 16% Ticketing error / bag swithc / security

  • 12% Tagging error / arrival mishandling / loading error

Oprah Magazine

“We’ve all been there… you arrive at your destination, but your suitcase doesn’t. Let me introduce you to the luggage locator known as LugLoc. Place the compact device inside your bag, and track its approximate location through an app. Once again, technology saves the day.” Gayle King

Paris Hilton

“LugLoc is a genious accessory, my luggage always gets stolen”