Your Stress-Free Travel Checklist: 10 Tips and Essential Items

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Traveling doesn't have to be a stress. These tips and travel essentials will help you make a stress-free trip, no matter the reason.

We've all developed a serious travel bug. Everybody needs a change of scenery and pace, as well as some time to unwind. And the best way to accomplish that is to board a plane and keep your eyes forward for as long as you like.
Traveling, though, can occasionally turn out to be more stressful than enjoyable, especially if you don't have the necessary supplies. And nobody desires that.
Before you get back to the grind, your vacation is meant to be a time for you to relax. It shouldn't be necessary for you to waste time wondering about what to do next or whether you'll make your flight. You ought to be unwinding!
Therefore, if you're unsure about how to travel stress, rest easy. You won't have to stress any longer with these 10 travel tips and essentials!

1. Pack Early & Pack Light

This is one of the best tips for travel without a doubt. Packing may just be the most stressful and exhausting part of the journey.
Traveling takes a lot out of you. You'll need lots of rest the night before your trip, so make sure that you don't spend the whole night frantically throwing things into your suitcase. Who needs that kind of headache? Instead, make sure your bags are packed and ready to go for hours - if not days - before you actually leave your house. It'll save you all kinds of stress and will keep you from burning out before you even start.
Packing light is also a great travel tip. While it's good to be prepared for all circumstances, you don't want to weigh yourself down or overwhelm yourself. Lugging heavy bags with you everywhere isn't fun.
Make a list and check it off as you go. Trust us, you can fit way more inside your bag than you think!

2. Bring an Extra Pair of Headphones

Headphones are unquestionably essential for travel. There's no doubt that you'll want them on the plane, train, or car, wherever you end up.
The problem is that they're very easy to lose or damage, especially wireless headphones. And you don't want to be stuck on a plane with a screaming baby right behind you with no way to drown it out. But bringing an extra pair is an easy solution!

3. Check-In Early

Checking in early is another one of the best travel survival tips out there!
In the older days, you needed to arrive at the airport early to account for the time needed to check-in. You had to wait in a long line for something that only takes a few minutes.
With today's technology, though, you can check in to your flight up to 24 hours in advance! Then, you can skip the line and go straight to security if you don't need to check any bags. It gives you lots of wiggle room in case you can't get to the airport early and also gives you peace of mind before you get there.

4. Plan Your Journey

This one might go without saying, but if you want to get rid of stress, you'll need to have a plan. A little spontaneity is always fun, but not when it comes to having a place to sleep.
Make sure you know where you're staying on each day of your vacation. Book your hotels or campsites far in advance and be familiar with the check-in and check-out times of each one.
It's also a good idea to research local landmarks and tourist attractions that you might want to see. That way, you can budget your time so that you get the most out of your vacation and you don't have to rush to book ferry rides or attraction tickets on the go.

5. Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

This one is an absolute must. You need to stay hydrated, especially when you're traveling. It'll help you reduce stress significantly because of how convenient it is.
A good, reliable, reusable water bottle is worth its weight in gold. You'll always need to have water with you, especially if you're planning on doing physical activities during your trip, like hiking or bike riding. And since you're not using single-use plastic bottles, you'll be helping out the environment, too!

6. Use LugLoc's new GEGO GPS

One of the most stressful travel situations to exist is losing your luggage with all your travel essentials inside. You don't want this to happen at any cost. It'll turn your dream vacation into a nightmare before you can blink.
But don't worry! You can avoid this, too.
One of the best travel tools out there is GEGO GPS. It'll help you track your luggage wherever it is - on the plane, in the hotel. It can give you real-time notifications to your phone about where your luggage ends up.
Keeping track of all your essential items is...well, essential. With GEGO GPS, you don't have to worry about theft or negligence and you can actually sit back and enjoy your vacation! Avoid airlines baggage claim with the best tech for tracking baggage.

7. Bring a World Travel Adapter

If you're traveling internationally, you need to take certain things into account. One of these things is the fact that not every country uses the same kind of outlets!
Phones and technology have become essential to travel. You need your phone for navigation, hotel booking, and more. So, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a hotel with your phone at 1%, and you can't charge it because your plug doesn't fit the outlet.
A world adapter can take all of that stress away. You can be prepared for any situation!

8. Change Your Currency in Advance

Another thing to consider with international travel is a different currency. It's very expensive to make the exchange in the airport or in a foreign country. Plus, using a credit card internationally could cause a red flag for your bank.
So, take care of it in advance to erase the headache!

9. Don't Unpack

If you can help it, don't fully unpack in your hotel or campsite. It's much better to keep your essential items, like toiletries, in an easily accessible place. It'll save you tons of time and effort and will help you move from place to place much faster.

10. Bring Snacks

Nothing soothes the mind better than a tasty treat!
Snacks are a great travel idea, especially if you have kids. Being hungry only adds to stress, so having something to munch on will fix that problem ASAP. It also saves you money to bring your own snacks so you don't have to buy anything at the airport!

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Nothing ruins a vacation more than stress. But with these travel essentials and tips, you'll be ready for a fun and stress-free trip in no time!

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