Your new travel buddy

Forget about stress wherever you go, go with LugLoc.

Simple, Reliable & Friendly

Pack your LugLoc Tracker inside your suitcase and open the app on your smartphone to get real-time GPS tracking of your luggage.

Easy to setup, easy to track

Get your LugLoc Tracker up and running in just a few seconds, our app will handle the rest. Relax, you know where your luggage is.

Precision at your fingertips

LugLoc Tracker combines GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies for an accurate tracking all the time, even during your flight. Some capabilities are not available in all areas and depend on service provider network.

Be updated all the time

The app will notify you on any relevant event, you can even set a proximity alert in case you want to keep your bag close.

Never lose track of your stuff, ever.

Unlike other trackers that only use Bluetooth LugLoc includes an activated SIM card.

Every new LugLoc Tracker includes 1 month of Service Plan for free!

Activated SIM card included
Worldwide GSM-GPRS Technology
More reliable and precise

No permanent commitment
Renew service plan as you go!
Only when needed

First 30 days
FREE! $14.95/month
Billed monthly
Billed annually