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LugLoc, Award Winning Luggage Locator in the World. 15 Day Rechargeable Battery (GSM and Bluetooth Powered Tracker). Find Your Bags in Any Commercial Airport Worldwide in Real time.
  • -Uses GSM-GPRS Technology to locate your luggage
  • -Independent Service Plans
  • -Track your luggage on your smartphone
  • -FAA, TSA and FCC Compliant.
  • -Available on the App Store
  • -Android App on Google Play
Tracking is done automatically by the LugLoc luggage locator device. The first 30-Days of service are on us, so you may enjoy tracing your LugLoc for an entire month! After that period is over, you will need to acquire one of our Service Plans to keep tracking your LugLoc. You can obtain Service Plans through our Smartphone App, or by following the link here

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